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Our REVInside process:

A manufacturer's industrial approach

with 4 REVInside kit systems and 4 modular batteries

that allow more than 100 different combinations.

  • For non-electronic vehicles: Old cars or utilities, off-road vehicles, trucks and buses before 2012.
  • For all-electronic vehicles: Cars, utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, trucks and buses after 2012.

REVInside is the only system of electrical conversion kits (Retrofit) available worldwide (all continents, all countries, all regions):

  • With new modular PoweREV Lithium-Ion batteries to European standards R100-rev2, and their BMSREV,
  • A set of 4 Powertrains motors/inverter/controller made of new components (reducer to avoid the gearbox, controller, charger, cables and fuses) to OEM standards (ISO European standards),
  • A proprietary Operating System OSREVbasic, which adapts to recent electronic vehicles (ESP, ABS, manufacturer CAN, etc.) in its OSREV+ version,
  • The guarantee and quality of a tier 1 supply chain thus enabling long-term availability (for batteries and parts upgrades).

REV Inside

Our System kits built on 4 axes of modularity:

1. Motor power: 15 to 200 kW.

2. On-board energy (battery): 4 modules, 8 to 80 kWh. Adaptable to any voltage (from 48 to 600v), in series or in parallel.

3. Mechanical configuration: traction, propulsion…

4. Electronic environment, according to the manufacturer.

It is now possible to order our REVInside kit systems or PoweREV Modular batteries anywhere in the world.

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