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Electric Car Conversion Instruction Retrofit

All the steps summarized one by one of our highly innovative and secure Retrofits (for France only).

  • 1. Checking the eligibility of the vehicle for the retrofit:

We ensure that the vehicle to be retrofitted has a Technical Inspection valid for less than 6 months. We also check several key points such as the bodywork which must not show any corrosion, the transmission which must be in good working order, the harnesses which must be original. To put it simply, the vehicle to be retrofitted must be in its original configuration and in a good state of conservation.

  • 2. Administrative verification and appointment booking:

Once your vehicle is considered eligible, we build your file with your information and then you make the first payment. We can then give you an order number and agree on an installation slot in the processing center of your choice.

  • 3. Equipment orders and storage:

The elements of your REVInside retrofit system go into production. For information and as a reminder, our batteries are assembled in France in Pompignac, near Bordeaux. We favor French or European Tier 1 partners for all of our technical components.

  • 4. Supply of the authorized installer:

All the elements of your REVInside retrofit system are sent directly to your transformation center selected when you make your appointment.

  • 5. Preparation of the elements to be integrated into the vehicle:

The technical teams ensure the correct reception of the elements and check that the entire system is complete.

  • 6. Extraction of the thermal traction chain:

During your appointment for the conversion of your vehicle, our teams remove the initial internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel), the exhaust line, the tank and the gearbox.

  • 7. Integration of the electric traction chain:

Instead of the thermal traction chain, our teams install electric battery packs, an electric motor, a BMS, a charger, an inverter... See our REVInside process

  • 8. Control test and vehicle checks:

At the end of its conversion, the vehicle is tested in real conditions with more than 100 checkpoints (acceleration, braking, shock absorbers, etc.).

  • 9. Converted Vehicle:

Once all these tests have been passed, your vehicle is officially retrofitted!

  • 10. Preparation of administrative documents:

Our administrative team takes care of carrying out the formalities for the establishment of your new gray card (free) which allows you to circulate everywhere and without restriction.

  • 11. Delivery of the converted vehicle:

That's it, you're ready to hit the road.

  • 12. Commercial follow-up and after-sales service:

The slightest question? The slightest doubt? Need for an interview? We remain by your side throughout your adventure with your retrofit.