#27 : How do you calculate the emission differences between a retrofitted vehicle and a combustion vehicle (diesel or gasoline) and a new EV?

There is now a method, used particularly by ADEME (French government agency for environmental transition), to calculate differences in CO2emissions between different vehicles. This method is known as LCA: Life Cycle Assessment. It considers the multiple environmental impacts of a vehicle at every stage of its existence (from “cradle to grave”).

To achieve this, a very exhaustive number of quantifiable criteria are assessed:

- Impact of extracting materials needed to make the vehicle

- Energy impact of manufacturing the vehicle in the factory

- Impact of shipping from production site to customer delivery site (from one continent to another)

- Impact during use of the vehicle by the user

- Impact of vehicle’s end-of-life (scrapping, destruction, recycling) and CO2 avoided by keeping a vehicle and not making a new one.

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