#60 :  What are the payement methods ? 

For online purchases, there are two payment methods:

Installment cash payment and financing by our partner FINANCO (LOA).

- Cash / installment payment: In this case, you pay in four installments (no charges). The payment schedule varies according to the delivery date of your retrofitting service. For instance, if your retrofitting service is due in six months, you will have to pay (besides the XXX deposit paid online at the outset): - a 30% deposit 30 days after your online purchase, another deposit of 30% one month before the installation of your Retrofit at our partners, and the balance of the service two days before installation. If the delivery date for your Retrofit service exceeds six months, the deposit-payment requests will be staggered:: the first installment will be requested six months before delivery. In other words, if your installation is scheduled for 18 months from now, no deposit (apart from the deposit for the online purchase) will be required for the first 12 months.

- Financing via FINANCO: You can use REV Mobilities to structure your FINANCO financing arrangement. The proposed solution is a lease with purchase option (LOA). A REV Mobilities sales consultant will schedule an appointment with you after you have paid your deposit online (within 48 working hours). Your sales consultant will work with you to prepare your FINANCO application. Should your application be approved, your monthly payments, including the initial rental, will only start once your retrofitted vehicle has been delivered.

Should your financing application be rejected, your deposit is refunded, but you lose your installation slot.

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