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REV Mobilities is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Gruau Group, a major player in the transformation of professional vehicles. This significant partnership aims to promote the transition towards more sustainable mobility by offering advanced retrofit solutions at an affordable cost for a wide variety of vehicles.

Through this collaboration, REV Mobilities will bring its expertise in electric retrofit systems to the Gruau Group, which will offer them to its customers. This alliance will enable Gruau Group's customers to benefit from the advantages of electric mobility, including a reduction in carbon emissions, significant fuel savings, and simplified maintenance. This initiative addresses the growing market demand for environmentally-friendly and economically advantageous mobility solutions.

On the other hand, the Gruau Group will also install REV Mobilities' retrofit systems in the western region for both light utility vehicles and industrial vehicles, starting with buses and intercity school buses.

"This partnership with the Gruau Group is a major step in our vision of industrial retrofitting," says Arnaud Pigounides, President of REV Mobilities. "By combining REV Mobilities' expertise in retrofit systems with the reputation and industrial logic of the Gruau Group, we are confident that we can offer top-notch electric mobility solutions to our customers."

The Gruau Group has been a pioneer in the transformation of commercial vehicles for over 130 years. Their knowledge and experience in adapting vehicles to the specific needs of customers are internationally recognized, with over 50,000 professional vehicles transformed each year by their 1,400 employees.

This partnership between REV Mobilities and the Gruau Group reflects both companies' commitment to circular economy, sustainability, innovation, and the promotion of high-quality electric mobility solutions. It is expected that this collaboration will transform the landscape of professional mobility, paving the way for a rapid transition to more environmentally-friendly vehicles.