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Great news, REVInside kit systems are now available for companies wishing to develop automotive and offroad retrofit. REV markets its complete, optimised and secure kits that comply with European standards (including R100-2 for batteries). Innovative, they are both highly technological and economical, thanks to PoweREV modular batteries.

The modularity of elements and batteries with European standards for light vehicles did not exist on the market, REV did it.

After 3 years of R&I and 4 million * investment in the development of its models, REV is launching REVInside: the plug and play retrofit solution offering the highest modularity and security, at the most attractive cost.

Adaptable to a large number of different light vehicles, REVInside meets the approval regulations in almost all countries which authorize retrofit. These kits are available in 3 complete traction chains for the 3 major automotive retrofit segments Cars, Utility Vehicles and Offroad:

- SysREV1 Small vehicles 50-100 CV, starting 15,000€ the kit (depending nb of batteries)
- SysREV2 Middle vehicles 100-180 CV, starting 22,000€ the kit (depending nb of batteries)
- SysREV3 Large vehicles 180-250 CV, starting 27,000€ the kit (depending nb of batteries)

They include all the technologies necessary for the electric conversion retrofit (motors, charger, electronic components, cables, etc.).

The major innovation are the PoweREV modular batteries. Equipped with formats perfectly suited for car retrofitting, these are 4.4 / 8.8 / 17.2 kWh modules, with different voltages and with high energy density NMC lithium-ion, are fully combinable in order to adapt to as many small cars and vans as possible, which had no solution until now. These batteries (which will be marketed by REV too), are indeed designed to adapt to the greatest number of different automotive chassis and platforms, fully complying with European safety standards (R100-2, IP.67, etc.).

Another innovation concerns electronic vehicles (with ESP, ABS and manufacturer electronics, all vehicles since 2012). REV also innovates by offering its OSREV+ Environment which communicates with the manufacturer's electronics.

Because each chassis is different, PoweREV modular batteries offer extreme flexibility and versatility for numerous electrical applications to allow adapted use according to the needs of each vehicle. Offering sufficient autonomy and sobriety in the batteries, they are also adaptable for off-road vehicles and boats and the deployment of hydrogen.

Arnaud Pigounides, President of REV Mobilities, is very proud to provide professionals around the world with innovative, reliable and ultra-secure retrofit solutions: “Our REVInside Kits, equipped with our PoweREV modular batteries, are a real step forward in electric conversion ecosystem. These complete kits that we develop every day allow modern electronic vehicles as well as classic cars to be retrofitted with the highest safety and reliability. This unique offer on the market will allow us to accelerate the decarbonization of vehicles on a European scale and provide the very strong and international demand. These kits are part of our strategy of optimizing a large-scale supply chain to accelerate the deployment of the retrofit solution and the number of approved vehicles converted.”