#22 : What are the requirements (vehicle condition) to qualify for retrofitting?

French retrofits are governed by the most stringent regulations in Europe and worldwide. The decree of April 4, 2020 setting requirements for converting internal combustion engine vehicles to battery or fuel cell electric drive states that the conversion must be carried out by qualified professionals certified by the UTAC (Central Technical Vehicle Inspection Body) and who comply with very stringent specifications derived from French regulations. This validation is a prerequisite for the vehicle to be certified as roadworthy, courtesy of a prototype certificate issued by the French authorities following a series of particularly stringent tests. This certification confirms that the vehicle is technically compliant with both domestic and European regulations: Technical requirements / Emissions / Reliability / Safety. The certification equally confirms that the retrofitted vehicle meets the same requirements as a new electric vehicle on French roads.

Our partner Startec Neogy has written a detailed article here on one of the most demanding tests, namely R100-rev2: https://neogy.fr/fr/presse/limportance-de-la-certification-r100-rev2-dans-la-mobilite-electrique/

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