#26 : Can I personally install a retrofit kit on my vehicle ?

Technically speaking, our retrofit REV InsideTM kit systems have been designed as plug & play devices. Any mechanic or electro-mechanic can therefore install the kit in a very practical way. Indeed, each component has been specially designed to work with the others.

Legally speaking, some regulations require you to entrust the installation to a certified professional. You are therefore encouraged to find out about the applicable regulations in your country of residence.

For instance, there are no specific regulations in the USA, the UK, as well as in some South American or African countries.
In Europe, some countries, such as Germany, are adopting regulations known as R.T.I. (Receipt on Isolated Basis).

In France, you cannot install a kit on your own if you intend to drive on public roads thereafter. The decree of Friday, March 13, 2020 setting requirements for converting internal combustion engine vehicles to battery or fuel cell electric drive states that the conversion must be carried out by qualified professionals certified by the UTAC (Central Technical Vehicle Inspection Body) and who comply with very stringent specifications derived from French regulations. This validation is a prerequisite for the vehicle to be certified as roadworthy, courtesy of a prototype certificate issued by the French authorities.

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