Installation prévue : à partir de décembre 2023
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Fiat Ducato 3

Compliant Model Year :All versions except automatic gearboxes
Next slot available for installation : November 2024
150 km Autonomy WLTP
110 km/h Maximum speed

It's now possible to drive cleanly without having to replace your current vehicle. Equipped with an electric motor, you can drive your Fiat Ducato 3 with no restrictions and no CO2 emissions. 

Convert your Fiat Ducato 3 with REV Professional. Discover our electric conversion options so you can keep driving your commercial vehicle.

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Total excluding VAT
From 34 900 €

Gross amount before aid and national and regional premium

Vehicle not included

Next slot available for installation : November 2024

You are outside France and are interested in a kit to install yourself.

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Fiat Ducato 3
(véhicule non inclus)

Our retrofit solution is approved for all van versions (N1 and N2) with towing or glazed doors if your vehicle is over 5 years old.

On all 100 to 180 hp engines fitted with a mechanical gearbox.

For other versions (rear-wheel drive, automatic gearboxes, M1 people carriers and bodied versions), please contact us.

The internal combustion engine, gearbox, complete fuel system and exhaust system are removed and replaced by our 100% new electric drive train.

The electric motor is rated at 52kW. The generous torque of the electric motor, available from low revs, and the possibility of doubling power for short periods of time, means that performance is on a par with the original vehicle in terms of take-off and acceleration.


Specifications on the right are estimated.

coming soon
Same as original
48 kWh
150 km
110 km/h
Crit’Air 0
11 €
All versions except automatic gearboxes



Automatic transmission
No noise
Access to Low Emission Zones
Recharge anywhere
Maintenance of vehicle Customization (layout, flocking, etc.)
50% to 70% savings per year compared to fuel consumption and maintenance of a diesel or gasoline engine (base estimate: 20,000 km/year)
up to €17,000 in national and regional Subsidies depending on your place of establishment

Lot of Savings and common sense


Approved homologation by the CNRV (National Vehicle Reception Center)
Tests by UTAC-Ceram (Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle)
Insured vehicles like new electric vehicles

A high degree of safety to European standards


An efficient and responsive after-sales service
A 2 years traction chain guarantee
3 years Batteries guarantee

Manufacturer quality


Audit of your vehicle or your fleet
Definition of your specifications
Obtaining national subsidies

A team at your service

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