#47 : Where is a ZFE-m or LEZ in English (Low Emission Zone)?

The acronym LEZ stands for Low Emission Zone. These have been created to protect those living in towns and cities with high levels of air pollution. Within an LEZ, only the least polluting vehicles (according to their Crit’Air certificate) are allowed to drive. As at 2021, 11 LEZs had been created in France, with a target of 45 LEZs in French cities with populations of over 150,000 by January 1, 2025.

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Since the end of 2020, the LOM has made it compulsory to set up such Low Emission Zones in areas affected (generally cities with a population of over 150k) by regular non-compliance with the air quality standards specified in Article R. 221.1 of the French Environmental Code. Access to LEZs is thus reserved for the least polluting vehicles, by applying the Crit’air sticker system. Local authorities can lay down terms of access to these zones: geographical perimeter, vehicles concerned, hourly and daily arrangements.

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