#38 : To what extent is a retrofitted vehicle preferable to a new electric vehicle

First of all, retrofitting has an irrefutable economic benefit. On average, it costs two to three times less than a new electric vehicle. Furthermore, retrofitting creates jobs in our regions. Whereas a large part of the value chain of an electric vehicle is located outside Europe, retrofitting is an operation performed as close as possible to the consumer, thereby creating jobs across France.

At REV Mobilities, we endeavor to source our components in France or Europe, which is why our batteries, for instance, are made in France, near Bordeaux. Environmentally speaking, retrofitting is more frugal than a new vehicle. By installing just the right number of batteries, retrofitting minimizes greenhouse gas emissions from battery production, at a time when new vehicle manufacturers are competing for longer driving range.

Lastly, availability in terms of lead time is generally more advantageous with retrofitting compared with ordering a new vehicle with the attendant delays.

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