#40 : What are the various retrofitting grants and incentives?

In France, as for new vehicles, there is the National Retrofit Conversion Subsidy, which we have obtained for you. For utilities, it is 6,000 / 8,000 / 10,000 €. For individuals, it ranges from €2,500 to €5,000 depending on household income. If you are in a ZFE (Low Emission Zones like Greater Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Rouen and Strasbourg) a ZFE bonus can be added of €1,000.

Many regions and major cities support retrofitting with additional and sometimes cumulative subsidy (never more than 70%). Ile de France, Grand Est, Sud (PACA) regions, as well as the cities of Lyon, Grenoble, Rouen, Toulouse, Reims support an additional €2,500 to €12,000.

This can then go up to €9,500 for individuals and €23,000 for utilities (or even €30,000 for trucks).

Do not hesitate to contact us to personalize the subsidies for your retrofit, according to your place of residence or establishment, and if you meet all the eligibility criteria.

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