#43 : What are the regulations in France?

Since 1954, it is forbidden in France to replace the engine of an existing vehicle without the maker’s authorization. The retrofitting decree of April 4, 2020 lifted this ban under certain stringent conditions. With French legislation being the world’s most secure currently for electric retrofitting, it will undoubtedly serve as a launching pad for harmonizing laws at European level in the short term.

To give you an idea of what the law contains, here are our main obligations when it comes to retrofitting:

- Keep the vehicle’s original weight distribution, with a tolerance of +/- 20%.

- Keep the vehicle’s original power rating when it leaves the factory.

- The vehicle must be more than five years old

REV Mobilities group having the status of a car-maker, such certification triggers the issuance of a new Crit’Air Verte vehicle registration certificate (free of charge depending on the region), whereby you can drive everywhere with neither emissions nor restrictions, whether you are in a ZFE (Low Emission Zone) or not.

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