#3 : What are the benefits of retrofitting a vehicle?

Environmental benefits

The environmental benefits are a 67% greenhouse gases (CO2) reduction for retrofitting a city car, 61% for the retrofit of a commercial vehicle and 87% for the retrofit of a bus or lorry versus keeping these same vehicles on diesel (source ADEME: French government agency for environmental transition).

Economic benefits

On purchase, retrofitting is two to three times cheaper than a new electric vehicle.

On the road, an electric vehicle costs €3 per 100 km, versus €9 per 100 km for a combustion vehicle (petrol or diesel, Ministry of Transport statistics, 2022).

On maintenance, the budget is 25% lower (an annual check of the tires, brakes, air conditioning, suspension and battery condition is all that is needed).

(Sources: ADEME Retrofit Study)

Health benefits

Retrofitting cuts down emissions of particulates (PM2.5/PM10) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), as well as noise (dB). By way of example, these factors account for 9 million premature deaths yearly worldwide, including 231,000 in the EU and 48,000 in France.

(Sources: Le Monde / LCI / Santé Publique France)

From an ethical standpoint

Retrofitting helps to tackle programmed obsolescence by sparing many components (chassis, bodywork, windscreen bays, etc.) from scrapping and subsequent rebuilding.

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