#8 : What is contained in the REV Inside “stand-alone” retrofit kit system package?

The kit system contains:

- PoweREV battery packs compliant with UN38-3 and R100-rev2 standards, the world’s highest retrofit safety standards: fire resistance, mechanical shock resistance, electrical short-circuit resistance, etc. In other words, the batteries are an assembly of hundreds of cells placed in a ‘casing’, i.e. a watertight hard-shell box complying with these mechanical and electrical safety standards to protect everyone involved, from the person handling the battery during transport to the car's end user.

- A BMSREV. The BMS, meaning Battery Management System, is the “1st brain” of our kit system. It manages the battery cells to ensure that they all function smoothly and safely. The BMSREV continuously monitors the voltage and temperature of the cells to keep track of the chemical (Lithium Ion) status at all times. And there are more than 1,600 cells in a 30kWh pack, for example, giving a driving range of 150 to 200 kilometers. The BMSREV constantly monitors them, while driving, recharging, accelerating and braking, all the time. It is one of the 3 vital ‘brains’ of the car.

- A power controller, which is the “2nd brain”, controlling the motor, managing pedal inputs, acceleration, braking and regeneration (when you decelerate, the electric motor brake is powerful, relieving pressure on the original brakes, but above all regenerating electricity in the batteries). The controller must constantly calculate, without error or failure, everything that makes the car go forward.

- A OSREV+ . VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). All “modern” vehicles have on-board electronics with safety equipment such as ESP and ABS. Each car-maker has developed its own code, its own OS, which may differ between models of the same make. To ensure that all the safety components continue to function, we had to create an OS capable of ‘communicating’ with the vehicle’s original system, which represented a formidable technological challenge. Our teams therefore successfully designed this “3rd brain”, the supreme brain above all the others, namely a VCU/on-board computer called OSREV+ that operates seamlessly with the car and the original system. This is one of the key competitive advantages of the REVInside kit systems. For the “old-timer” cars, we do not need OSREV+ (OSREVBasic suffices) since there are no on-board electronics.

- A motor, gearbox, chargers and cables. We do not make everything ourselves, but in the interest of perfection (quality and safety requirements) and to ensure the durability of our REVInside systems, we only partner with accredited equipment manufacturers. This is a guarantee not just for you, but also for us!

- An AVAS, meaning Acoustic Vehicle Alert, the sound that the car emits at low speed to be heard by pedestrians, particularly in cities where background noise is high.

- All the safety systems specific to an electric vehicle, such as an electric power cut-off device activated as soon as the door is opened.

- A control screen/application (charge/drive range/on-line diagnostics).

All these components come with:

- A user manual

- A maintenance manual

- ONLINE and OFFLINE support

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