#7 : What are the requirements/regulations for retrofitting my vehicle?

Generally speaking, to qualify for retrofitting, a vehicle must be in a good state of repair. For instance, this includes a corrosion-free body and chassis, a properly maintained gearbox, and the vehicle’s original wiring harnesses and configuration.

However, some countries have specific regulations, and we encourage you to find out more depending on where you live.

Here are a few examples of current regulations:

- As of 2023, the United States, the United Kingdom, some South American countries and Africa have no regulations on electric retrofitting.

- In Europe*, some countries, such as Germany, are adopting regulations known as R.T.I. (Receipt on Isolated Basis), but other countries have no regulatory framework at all.

- In France, your vehicle must have undergone a valid roadworthiness test less than six months earlier and equally fulfil our “eReady For Retrofit” programme requirements, which involves checking a number of key points (corrosion-free bodywork, transmission, original wiring harnesses, vehicle in original configuration, state of preservation). Thereafter, the conversion must be performed by a REV Mobilities-accredited installer.

*It is worth noting that the European authorities are currently working on harmonizing legislation.

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