#9 : What is included in the “ REV Inside + installation” package? How does the complete “ REV Inside  system + installation” package work?

TAKE NOTE: So far, this package is only available in France through our installer partners.

Our retrofitting service is a multi-step process designed to deliver the safest and longest-lasting electrical conversion.

Step 1: Upon receipt of your vehicle, a comprehensive inspection is carried out (Technical Inspection not older than six months + validation of the REV “Ready for Retrofit” programme).

Step 2: We remove the thermal drive train (engine, exhaust system, fuel tank) and replace it with new components from our system kit. A car-maker’s plate is affixed to the vehicle, certifying its roadworthiness. You are presented with your new car registration certificate (carte grise), indicating your transition to electric power, and your crit’air 0 sticker.

Step 3: The accredited installer performs a series of inspections and various test drives to ensure optimum safety, before handing over the vehicle and explaining how it now operates.

All components are sourced from French and European Tier 1 suppliers carefully selected by our engineering team. In short, it is a new half-electric vehicle in an existing vehicle, with the capacity to last for a very long time.

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